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Report # 1 - "Why Andersen Renewal"

Andersen Windows - Why?

Heartbeat of America - Chevrolet

When it absolutely, positively has to get
there overnight - Fed Ex

Melts in your mouth not in your hand - M&M's

Windows - Andersen

The above 4 examples demonstrate the power of specific
words and how they translate into name brand recognition.
Advertising obviously is a part of the development of
this enviable situation, but the product or service has
to perform well.

The Andersen Corporation is the largest window and patio
door Company in the United States.
-They are the #1 recognized brand for windows in
the industry.
-They are the largest wood window manufacturer in
the world.
-They manufacture over 5 million units annually.
-Andersen takes great pride in their products,
In taking care of their customers, their employees and
the environment.

Invention and Innovation since 1903
Anderson has been the industry leader for over a century
since its inception by Hans Andersen in 1903. Here's a
list of some of the achievements and a historical
time line.

1904 - 1905 First to mass-produce (standardize) window
frames in the United States. Prior to that, they were
all made on the job. Andersen has always been on the
leading edge of mass production technologies. Andersen
Corporation established assembly line manufacturing
9 years before Henry Ford used the assembly line to
produce automobiles. Andersen applied for its first
trademark in 1917.
-Andersen Windows has set the standard in window
technology for which all others are measured. 111 patents
have been applied for and granted in the companies history
to date.
-In 1932 Andersen decided to again lead the industry
by actually manufacturing the entire window in the factory.
-Andersen has been servicing its products in the
field since 1939, because taking care of its customers has
always been common business practice.
-They were first to introduce welded insulating
glass in the United States. This innovation has eliminated
the need for storm windows.
-Need a part for a 1932 Andersen Window? You can
still get it. That points to a commitment to service and

What is Renewal by Andersen?
-In 1958, Fred Andersen challenged his engineers
to develop a maintenance free window that would not need
staining, painting etc.
-Certain window materials were not up to
Andersen standards.
-Aluminum was rejected as a material because
of its high thermal conduction.

Low Maintenance A Priority!
In 1959 Andersen Corporation developed the first
hollow vinyl window in the United States. Vinyl
was a superior material for low maintenance but
lacked the structural material properties to stand
alone. Internal testing proved that it was not
good enough to put the Andersen name on.
"It wasn't rigid enough! even with a reinforcing
rib, the vinyl section still bowed. Performance
wasn't up to expected standards
in changing temperatures!" It was rejected.

Further testing and research led to an innovative
way to extrude vinyl around wood. This led to the
introduction of the Perma-Shield
® vinyl clad window
line. If you are building a new home or adding an
addition to you home, Perma-Shield
® is the standard
for stock sized new construction applications.
Perma-Shield created a new category for windows:
The Clad-Wood category.

The Future Here Today!
-In the late 80's the Andersen Corporation
began to face issues regarding sustainability of
forest reserves. Government and environmental
restrictions and guidelines began to limit the
supply of wood.
-Andersen also started searching for new
materials to overcome premature wear of hinged
patio doorsills due to natural foot traffic
and harsh conditions.
-Andersen's needs led to the development
of a new material Fibrex.
-In 1992, Fibrex was developed as a
solution in partnership with Aspen Research.
(Now a subsidiary of Andersen Corporation.).

In 1992,Fibrex material was developed.
-With the development of Fibrex, the
Andersen Corporation now had the ideal material
to enter the replacement window market.
-Fibrex material can be extruded, and
easily custom sized for window replacement product.
-Market research showed that people
wanted the complete sales and installation process
done for them.
-These factors led to the formation of the
replacement window branch of Andersen Windows®

Renewal By Andersen ®

Renewal By Andersen custom makes windows for
existing homes and businesses that are in need of
replacement. Where as Andersen Corporation
(parent company of Renewal By Andersen) make
new construction windows and patio doors for
structures that have not yet been built.

Renewal By Anderson of Central Wisconsin is
one part of a national brand.
-Renewal by Andersen is a national
network of independent and company owned
specialty window replacement services.
-Renewal by Andersen is truly a
national brand and is available from coast
to coast. Currently available in more
than 50 markets and is on track to become
the largest window replacement network in
the United States.
-Northwoods Windows is now also
know as Renewal By Andersen of Central Wisconsin
and has been selected by the Andersen Corporation
to be the exclusive Renewal By Andersen dealer in
Central Wisconsin.
-Northwoods Windows has been in the
replacement window and door Business for 21 years
and is proud to have been selected to represent
Renewal By Andersen.
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